Tennis and golfers' elbow

Female playing tennis with elbow pain / tennis elbow
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What is tennis elbow and golfers' elbow?

If you experience elbow pain either during sports or your daily routine, you may be suffering from tennis or golfers elbow. It is commonly caused by repetitive arm and wrist motions leading to overloading of the tendons running from the outer and inner side of the elbow. This condition often appears in one of two variations:

(i) overuse/overload on the outer tendon of the elbow is what causes Tennis elbow;

(ii) overuse/overload of the inner tendon of the elbow is what causes Golfers' elbow.  

These conditions are not limited to athletes and actually frequent occurs in occupations where work tasks revolve heavily around performing single-sided and repetitive wrist movements such as carpentry. Vibrations from using a tennis racket, a hammer or other tools are frequent culprits. Small repetitive exertions of pressure, such as using a computer mouse or typing on a keyboard for several hours, are other common causes.


Physiotherapist applying muscle energy technique on female patient's elbow
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Treatment for tennis elbow and golfers' elbow

Physiotherapy will include a gradual tendon remodelling/strengthening home exercise program and specific advice on activity modifications. It will aid in reducing pain and facilitating the healing process to maximise the chances of an optimal outcome and to decrease the likelihood of re-injury.


Our Physiotherapy may include:-

In severe or chronic cases, some patients may require further interventions including steroid injection or surgery.



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