Hip and knee arthritis

Knee pain arthritis
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Hip and knee arthritis / osteoarthritis

The most common cause of hip and knee pain is osteoarthritis. It is a denegerative condition caused by wear and tear of the cartilage associated with inflammation, pain, and loss of mobility in the joint. Symptoms include deep aching pain in the front aspect of the hip / groin radiating down the front aspect of the thigh for hip arthritis; and pain inside or outside the knee folowing exercise or impact activity for knee arthritis. Stiffness often presents in the morning nad on moving from prolonged sitting. At times, the knee may swell up and you may hear clicking or cracking noises when bending and straightening the knee.

The pain is usually activity depending and can be exacervated by walking, running, climbing stairs and getting in and out of low chairs. This condition can lead to muscle weakness around the hip and knee, which can further contribute towards the deterioration of the joint cartilages. Weaker buttock / leg muscles also provide less shock absorption capabilities than their strong counterparts, which increases your joint compression forces and pain. 


Knee pain receiving physio
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Treatment for hip and knee arthritis / osteoarthritis

Physiotherapy can help to ease the symptoms of osteoarthritis in the hips and knees and prevent the condition from worsening overtime. The aim is to strengthen the surrounding muscle to provide better stability and to prolong the life of the hip and knee joints in order to defer / avoid surgery. The focus will be on reducing pain, building up strength on the muscles acting around the knee, hip and ankle and improving flexibility. Manual physiotherapy techniques may include:

Some osteoarthritis hip and knee patients may go on and require joint replacement surgery, but pre- and post- surgical physiotherapy will speed up the recovery process significantly and maximise your recovery potential.



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