Hamstring tendinopathy

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What is hamstring tendinopathy?

This is a condition where the tendon of the upper hamstring (muscle at back of thigh) which attaches to the sitting bone becomes problematic. It usually presents as a well localised pain in the top part of the thigh or buttock. The deep buttock pain can be aggravated by sitting on hard surfaces, prolonged sitting, squatting and by walking or running uphill.

It is a common injury among long distance runners. High hamstring tendinopathy is thought to occur due to compression of the hamstring tendon where it attaches to the pelvis, under load. This can occur due to increased speed-work, hill-work or increased mileage without adequate preparation. 


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Treatment for hamstring tendinopathy

Physiotherapy rehabilitation will include a customised home exercise program for progressive gluteal, core muscle and hamstring strength and conditioning in positions of minimal pain. We will advise you on a graded return to running and an exercise programme to continue to optimise gluteal and hamstring recruitment and control.

You will most likely benefit from a biomechanical assessment to assess your foot and ankle biomechanics to ensure optimal function and reduce the contributing factors. Guidance and advice will be given on your running technique such as changes in stride length.

Manual physiotherapy treatment will involve frictioning of the deep hamstring tendon to promote healing and reduce thickening, and treatment of the surrounding muscles which may be tight as a result of increased load through the upper hamstrings.


Our physiotherapy treatment may include:



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