Corns and calluses

Female patients having corns and calluses treatment
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Corns and calluses are hard skin, which develop when skin is exposed to chronic excessive pressure or friction. They can sometimes become quite painful.

Although corns and calluses may seem fairly similar, there are some big differences between the two:-

Corns usually form because of pressure or rubbing over delicate areas like the joints. The main characteristic is that these are fairly small with a central core and can be painful when pressure is applied.

Calluses, on the other hand, generally tend to form on the soles of the feet and are often bigger areas of hardened skin. While poor footwear can cause calluses, you might also develop them if you have a deformity in the bones of your feet. Older people tend to be less protected with fatty layers on the soles and might suffer from calluses more because of this. Calluses aren't normally painful but can be unsightly, especially if the hardened skin is allowed to build up over time without treatment.

Treating something like a corn requires accurate diagnosis and the use of medical procedure such as removing the thickened area with a sharp blade. Our podiatrist will also be able to advice how to look after your feet and reduce the risk of getting corns and calluses in the first place.




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