Whiplash injury

Man with whiplash injury after road traffic accident
Getty Images under licence to PhysioQinetics Ltd.

Whiplash injury and motor traffic accident

Whiplash injuries occur when unexpected forces throw the spine back and forth causing pain and damage to the spinal joints, ligaments and muscles. Early intervention and advice is essential in aiding a full recovery.

Physiotherapy helps to regain full range of movement, reduce pain, restore strength and function, and guide with self-management techniques.

Manual therapy can help to speed the recovery of your whiplash injury. Soft tissue techniques including massage can ease the tightness or tenderness of the muscles and can improve joint range. Techniques to the joints can ease stiffness, reducing pain and improve range of motion.

If the pain is too much for manual ‘hands on’ techniques then your Physiotherapist may choose to use acupuncture or electrotherapy with heat or cold therapy to ease the muscle spasm and joint inflammation. Together with your compliance and our expertise we can soon return you to your normal activities.



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