Postural Pain

A girl working and sitting too long and getting back pain
Getty Images under licence to PhysioQinetics Ltd.

Postural pain - staying in a static position for too long...

Prolonged static positions, such as sitting for several hours, place abnormal stresses on the body and can result in pain.

We provide assessment of posture related problems, advice on ergonomics / work station management / lifting re-education and promote exercise and activity modification.

Today’s typical office environment has resulted in an increasing number of employees spending the majority of their working days sitting in front of desk and lap-top computers. In this position natural gravitational effects cause muscles to work continually to maintain the body in an upright position. Over time the muscles fatigue and posture typically becomes slumped and rounded.

This poor and unnatural posture increases the strain and tension in the muscles and joints in our neck, shoulders and back which then leads to pain and stiffness. We believe that poor posture is the underlying cause of many back and neck problems, as well as headaches.



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