The most common type of arthritis is "osteoarthritis". It is often given the term “wear and tear”. It occurs when the smooth covering of the joint surfaces wears away causing inflammation, pain, swelling and stiffness.

The condition gradually develops over time and can affect multiple joints including Neck, shoulder, elbow, hand, lower back, hip, knees, ankle, feet.

Physiotherapy is a proven treatment modality that can help with pain relief, improving range of motion and regaining function.

It helps through hands-on joint mobilisations, soft tissue release, acupuncture, specific exercises and advice.

Osteoarthritis of the knee and wrist is very common. While surgery can be a very effective solution for many of these patients, most will respond very well to a programme of physiotherapy focusing on strengthening the leg muscles to off-load the knee joint and work to improve the flexibility of the knee.

Both these elements lead to decreases in pain levels and improvements in functional ability.


Office worker computer use repetitive strain injury to the wrist
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Suffer with arthritis? How can you help yourself?

1. Always respect pain.

2. Avoid over-stressing joints.

3. Avoid jerky/sudden movements.

4. Don't overload joints.

5. Take care with lifting.

6. Watch you weight.

7. Improve your body alignment to take stress off any arthritic joints.

8. Use splints or walking aids as advised.

9. Don't overdo activity or exercises.

10. See a physiotherapist for advice and treatment for the pain.



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